Banking Methods for Casino

Playing at an online casino is fun, but Indian players need to be aware of all the payment options that are available to them. It’s all very well to find a casino that offers all the games, but you’ll need a payment option that suits you.

There are many online casinos listing banking methods available to Indian players, most of which will enable you to use rupees as a currency rather than having to deposit and convert currencies. Currency conversions can mean you lose out on some of your winnings.

• Check if INR is accepted

• Find a payment option you prefer

There are a growing number of casino payment methods in India, which makes it very easy for players to choose an option that suits their needs. With this in mind, we are going to go through all of them, so that you can choose the perfect one.

Best Banking Methods for Indian Online Casinos

To be successful in online gaming, you need to be able to deposit and withdraw money easily. You will also want your funds in a timely fashion – you might find a casino with fast withdrawals or others that are slower, depending on the payment method.

When choosing a payment type, you’ll also need to think about the security that comes with it – a casino with Visa and MasterCard is often a very secure and safe choice. Or you may want to choose a payment that doesn’t give out your personal information.

• Think about security

• Speed of payment

• Privacy levels


E-wallets are some of the safest and fastest payment methods out there. A casino with PayPal payment options will mean that it’s quick and convenient. Payments are safe with the vendor trusted and known throughout the world making it a player favourite.

Similarly, any casino with Skrill options is also a good choice. Skrill is known for its support of gambling transactions and is very simple to use. In fact, it’s so convenient, this payment method has become a popular choice at many Indian online casinos.

Casino with Neteller

Another option is to use Neteller. If the casino is able to offer it, it gives an indication of the credibility of the site and beats out any casino with Kluwp payments. Neteller has high-security levels and fast processing times making it the ideal option.

Casino with Devcode Card

PaymentIQ is the payment method offered by the company Devcode. This payment method can handle high volumes of transactions making it great for use by many people. It also supports all currencies, including rupees, putting it alongside another casino with MuchBetter payment options.

Paysafecard and ecoPayz

Paysafecard is another online payment method frequently found at online casinos in India. It’s a voucher-based card that allows payments at numerous outlets including online casinos. It’s one of the most popular payment methods for iGamers thanks to its ease of use.

EcoPayz is an exciting option as it acts as an intermediate between you and the casino. Privacy is one of the top priorities for this payment option, making it ideal for players who want to be as anonymous as possible. In fact, it’s virtually unmatched in this.

• Both of high levels of privacy

• Both are eligible for casino bonuses when depositing through them

Card Payment Options

Some of the most commonly used payment methods at casinos in India are card payment options. This is because most Indian players will already have a debit or credit card of some kind, making it easy to simply use this option at a casino.

Casinos in India will accept card payments from Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. Each of these card payment options is well known around the world, with years of experience behind them. This reassures players that their transactions will be conducted in a safe, secure manner.

Cryptocurrency Banking Options

One of the newer payment options on the scene, cryptocurrency payments, is fast taking the world by storm. They’re a decentralized currency, fluctuating in value. These types of virtual currency payments are particularly useful for players wanting speedy transactions coupled with high levels of anonymity.

Bitcoin is possibly the most popular one and this is found as an option for Indian players. It offers high levels of security through the blockchain, has low fees associated and instant transactions. Here are a few other features about this payment option:

• Reliable

• 5-10 minute withdrawal times

• Not all casinos offer it

Other Instant Deposit Options

Indian players are able to use a whole host of other payment options too. These include Google Pay, which is only recently added to the options in India. It offers a reliable banking method that is compatible to use from a mobile phone.

IMPS is also popular, as this is actually a project backed by the Indian government. This means that it’s really easy for Indian players to use. PayU is also a good option. Offering cashless payments, it’s another independently run system but nevertheless offers reliable services.

Astropay Payouts

Another top payment option is Astropay. Popular around the world, it has made it’s way to the Indian market. The service makes speedy deposits in your local currency, and better yet, has crypto security in place at both ends of the transaction to make it totally secure.

MuchBetter Payments

MuchBetter is one of the recent additions to Indian eWallet options. It’s got a tonne of useful features that include low fees, big rewards system and of course high levels of security (dynamic security codes are one of many systems), coupled with convenience.

Bank Transfer Options

Finally, we come to the last, possibly most traditional payment method. Even today, bank transfers are still used by those who do not wish to make multiple accounts with other vendors. There is no intermediary here, simply the bank sends the payment directly.

While there is a tonne of security in place for these types of transactions, there are some downfalls, one being the transactions often take time. Though perfect for large sums of money being moved, bank transfers can take up to a few weeks for withdrawals.

Final Thoughts on Banking Methods

As we move forward in this digital age, there are a growing number of payment options available to casino players online. While there are some that are better than others in terms of speed and security, in the end, the final choice is down to the player’s preference.

Most offer high levels of security coupled with anonymity as well as being able to offer players speedy transaction times. The best thing for players in India, about many of these options, is that they permit and accept rupees which removes the need for currency conversions