Jackpots are one of the best prizes you can scoop when playing online. Unlike other wins that can occur during any type of casino game, a jackpot is a larger than normal lump sum that can be won when triggering the right features.

There are a number of jackpot games India offers and these can range from slot games, table games right through to online lotteries. Whatever jackpot you are lucky enough to win, there are a number of great reasons why you should try them out:

• Massive wins

• Variety of jackpot games

• Larger than normal lump sums

Jackpots come in a wide variety of options and from different games too. If you’re looking for the biggest jackpot in India, then keep reading. We will outline all you need to know about finding the best jackpot games that are available.

Finding a Casino with Jackpots

One of the first things to think about when looking for a jackpot is to search for and find jackpot casinos. This is important as, apart from lottery jackpots, other casino jackpots can only be found online in India, as generally, land-based gambling is illegal.

There are a number of aspects you’ll need to think about when looking for casinos with jackpot options. One of the most important aspects is to take a look at the game selection. Not all games offer jackpots, but here are some game types that do:

• Slots

• Lotteries

• Bingo

• Table games

How to Win a Jackpot Online

If you’re wondering how to win the jackpot, this will depend on the type of game you are playing. Generally, you will have to meet the specific jackpot requirements for each game, such as correctly guessing every number that lands in a lottery draw.

When it comes to slots, getting the jackpot big wins usually involves triggering a bonus feature and successfully completing it. Often, this is a wheel of fortune type of bonus where you will have to spin the wheel and hope that it lands on the big win.

Best Jackpot Sites

When looking for the best jackpots, as well as looking for the games offered, it’s a good idea to see if they accept Indian players. In line with this, you should also be looking to see if they accept rupees and what payment options they offer.

Staying Safe playing Jackpot Games

You should also be checking out the security in place. This means having a look to see if the casino has security protocols in place, is licensed by a reputable gaming jurisdiction, and whether the games are audited regularly for fair gaming.

Progressive Jackpot Games

Before you dive into finding a jackpot, there are different types of jackpots available. The most popular are the progressive jackpots. These prizes can reach huge sizes and will continue to grow until a player wins them. Often these are found attached to lotteries or slots.

These games can grow so huge because, though they have a starting jackpot value, every time a player places a bet, the jackpot will increase. This is because a tiny percentage of each players’ bet is added to the prize, helping it grow.

• Progressives can be global or local

• Progressives can payout in the multi-millions

• Progressives grow when players place bets

Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots are as they sound. These prizes are given as the top prize and they won’t grow at all. Often these are very lucrative too, but be aware that fixed jackpots can range dramatically in the size and how much you can win.

However, with fixed jackpots, even if a player has just won the prize, the next player can still win the exact same prize. This directly contrasts progressives, where after a win the jackpot resets to the starting lower value and has to build up again.

Best Slot Games with Jackpots

Some of the most famous jackpots are attached to slot games. There are a number of very exciting slots that offer massive jackpots – all of these are progressives. Some of these progressives have not only paid out multi-million dollar wins, but have done so more than once.

What’s great about playing and winning on slots is that these games are perfect for players of all budgets. Generally, progressive slots have a wide range of betting options available so that both high rollers and budget players have a shot at the top prize.

• Mega Moolah

• Age of Gods

• Divine Fortune

• Mega Fortune

Top Lottery Jackpots in India

One of the other exciting types of online jackpots are those found in lotteries. Lotteries are legal to play in India and are more accessible online. These types of games involve players choosing a specific set of numbers and paying for a fixed price ticket to enter them.

The numbers will be drawn on specific days with players winning prizes according to how many numbers they correctly matched. However, the big prizes will only go to players who accurately guessed all numbers. Jackpots can grow, rolling over until a winner occurs.

Lotto India

There are numerous lotteries in India, but one of the top ones is Lotto India. This is available for just 39 INR per card. You’ll have to match six numbers, plus the additional joker ball correctly if you plan on scooping that top prize of 3.9 crores.

International Lotteries

Indian players can also access a wide range of international lotteries. These games can really rack up some serious top prizes with some of the heavy hitters (each one reaching millions of dollars) being the US Powerball, the Mega Millions and even the Euromillions.

Other Jackpot Games

Other jackpot games to look out for include bingo. Often you will find casino sites offering bingo tournaments with a fixed jackpot prize at the end of it. Tickets are usually pretty cheap too, so it can be a great way to score a big win.

Table games, depending on the type of game, will also offer jackpots. Poker, for instance, grows a pot in the middle, added to by all the player. This game requires a little bit more than just luck if you plan on taking this jackpot home.

Final Thoughts on Jackpots

At the end of the day, jackpots are a great way to have some fun and potentially get a big win. However, players should remember not to try and chase the win, but rather to play within their means when enjoying a jackpot game.

With so many different types of games offering jackpots, you’re also bound to find a game that suits you. Better still, jackpots tend to cater to a range of budgets, so you can spend as little, or as much, as you want in pursuit of the top prize